7 of 52 / 2019: my night in the mvp spotlight.

at every grizzlies game, a season ticket holder – an mvp, if you will – is spotlighted at the beginning of halftime. the point is to thank people for buying season tickets, to present them with some item signed by their favorite player, and to hopefully spur others to buy season tickets.

2019-02-12 20.06.38
that’s me! memphis, tennessee. february 2019.

on monday abi, my ticket rep, messaged to ask if i would be at the game and if i would like to be the mvp spotlight. i was indeed going to the game, so sure, why not. i told her my favorite player is mike conley and that my favorite grizzlies memory is when i used to be able to watch them practice at rhodes when i was a student.

2019-02-12 20.56.51-1
one for my mother. memphis, tennessee. february 2019.

i warned katie milligan, my date for the evening, that this was happening, and off we went to the game. a few minutes before halftime abi and the camera crew came up to our seats, and at the very beginning of halftime i was introduced and presented with a basketball signed by conley. i have no idea what they said over the pa system; all i remember doing is smiling and waving at the camera and trying to ignore katie off to the side taking a million pictures.

2019-02-12 20.56.55
what inevitably happens when you make me pose for too many photos by myself. memphis, tennessee. february 2019.

it was a fun experience, and i have a cool souvenir – and lots of photos, courtesy of katie – that i’ll keep forever.

other highlights included: another riggs sleepover / valentines dinner with lauren, nubian, and my mother / on your feet! at the orpheum / chrystal came to visit / took kat to curry bowl / day trip to jackson to visit the mississippi civil rights museum / oliver! at cbhs / the best and laziest sunday i’ve had in a long time


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