the magical world of adult colouring books.

what are your thoughts on adult colouring books? when i first heard of the idea of colouring books specifically marketed toward adults, i was intrigued. i loved colouring as a child, and although i sometimes didn’t stay inside the lines, i remember it as a fun and soothing activity, one in which i could lose myself for hours until my hand cramped so much i could no longer hold my crayon / colour pencil / marker.

2016-03-23 22.08.13

as a teenager and young adult i no longer coloured, but i would doodle on anything i could get my hands on. in the margins of my notebooks. in my planners. in all the scrapbooks i started but never finished. if i had downtime, i was doodling. i graduated from crayons and markers to gel pens and thin-tip sharpies, collecting them in every shade i could get my hands on.

so really, i am the ideal market for an adult colouring book. enter katie walsh, the ultimate gift-giver. while i was home for christmas, walshie presented me with my gift, a 2016 colouring calendar. a behemoth of a book, it has over 300 designs to colour in and doubles as a planner, so you can colour one picture for nearly every day of the week [saturdays and sundays are combined on one page]. i was elated.


i lugged it back to bangalore with me but let it languish for a few weeks, reminding myself that i needed to get some colour pencils so i could get started. and then i bought colour pencils, began filling in the first page, and promptly remembered that i greatly dislike colour pencils because they take too long to use and you constantly have to worry about breaking them.

luckily i remembered that my parents had very kindly brought my collection of thin-tip sharpies when they came to visit in august, so i pulled those out and got to work. the colours were much more vibrant, and a piece of paper stuck between the pages ensured they didn’t bleed through onto the next day.

2016-02-29 19.02.31

it took me quite a few hours to fill in all the intricacies, but i was so proud of myself when i finished my first picture that i didn’t even care that i could no longer move my right hand; i was hooked. i colour whenever i’ve got an extra 15 or 20 minutes, and it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day — i put on a podcast and catch up on world happenings while i fill in various designs in my book.

now i am obsessed with all things colouring books [we’re really not surprised by this] and am making wish lists of the next ones i would like to procure. in no particular order:

i want them all! and the best part is, they are all $10 or less, so it’s an affordable habit to have.

which one looks most appealing to you? have you jumped on the adult colouring book bandwagon yet?


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