a morning at the brooklyn botanic garden.

last saturday morning i ventured down to the brooklyn botanic garden to meet my cousin and her husband and son in hopes of seeing the cherry blossoms. i had never been and was excited to tag along with them and their friends.

we got there early and enjoyed wandering while it wasn’t too crowded, and although most of the cherry blossoms have yet to bloom we did get to see a few and managed to take some fun photos. kai was dressed up in his easter best and had a grand time batting those baby blues and showing off his dimples.

in addition to the cherry blossoms there is a rose garden that i’m sure will be lovely in a few months and apparently they do a cool light installation at the holidays, so return visits are definitely on the cards. for now you can see my photos from last weekend’s visit below.

location: main entrance is at 990 washington avenue, brooklyn. closest subway station to the main entrance is eastern parkway—brooklyn museum [2, 3], but you can see all bus and train options here

tickets: you can buy tickets online or at the park; admission is $18 for adults

times: varies by day and season; closed mondays

pro tips: go early — we were there from 9.15 until about 10.45am, and while it was fairly empty when we arrived it was filling up as we were leaving // most of the path is wheelchair and stroller accessible, and where it is not there are signs indicating how to follow the accessible path // the garden’s website is a great resource, especially if you are planning your visit around a specific event ie cherry blossoms, roses, etc

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