my favorite newsletters.

do you subscribe to any newsletters? i know i subscribe to far too many, but i love it when they drop into my inbox and i always discover some great new articles and videos because of them. below are the ones i love, in case you are curious. some are free and some i pay for; all are fantastic.

ann friedman weekly. ann is one-half of the team behind the call your girlfriend podcast and the book big friendship, and i have such a crush on her and her best friend / business partner, aminatou sow. every week ann sends out a newsletter with links to articles, books, podcasts, videos, memes, gifs, and everything in between. she covers every topic under the sun, and i always trust her longform recommendations. her newsletter is free for everyone, but if you pay $15/year, your newsletter also includes very entertaining pie charts.

the audacious roundup from roxane gay. in addition to being one of my favorite writers, roxane gay curates a fabulous weekly newsletter. her recommendations are smart, thoughtful, and interesting, and i always find myself learning something new. she also hosts monthly book club discussions and shares essays by up-and-coming writers for paid subscribers.

humans being by jordan calhoun. maggie introduced me to this newsletter from the atlantic, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. i really like calhoun’s writing style, and i also appreciate that his essays are short, interesting, and easy to follow.

bitches gotta eat! by samantha irby. i admittedly skip a lot of the judge mathis recaps for the sake of time, but when i do read them they are entertaining. but more than that irby’s book and music recs are very good.

culture study by anne helen petersen. i have followed petersen’s career for many years and signed up for her newsletter almost as soon as i learned about it. her long-form pieces cover a variety of topics and always teach me something, her interviews are insightful, and her weekly threads are so much fun to peruse. she might even be the reason i finally brave the world of discord.

a list of people i am mad at by scaachi koul. this occasional newsletter from buzzfeed writer scaachi koul never fails to make me laugh. it’s often nonsensical and mostly a running commentary of koul’s inner monologue, and i love it.

curious about everything from jodi ettenberg. i have followed jodi for over a decade, and her newsletter always includes thoughtful pieces on a variety of topics. her interests cover a wide rage, and i often read things i wouldn’t otherwise based on her recommendation.

clint’s newsletter from clint smith iii. roughly once a month clint smith iii sends out a newsletter with updates on his writings and book events as well as articles and books that he has enjoyed and recommends to others. i have been a fan of his for many years and love having this regular touchpoint from him in my inbox.

granted from adam grant. my obsession with adam grant knows no bounds, and his monthly email newsletter is no exception. it’s a collection of things he has written over the last month along with recommendations for additional books, articles, and other media. he also has a bulletin newsletter which i only recently subscribed to but already know i will love.

ijeoma oluo: behind the book by ijeoma oluo. this is another new-to-me newsletter so i have not read a lot of her posts, but the ones i have read have been very good. the one that got me hooked was oluo sharing her experiences with the healthcare and dental system as a black woman who grew up poor; i highly recommend reading it.

design mom by gabrielle blair. design mom has been a favorite blog and instagram follow for years, and her newsletter is also great. each week she shares a long-form essay on a different topic and curates a list of articles and twitter threads for her readers. i was lucky enough to have a 1:1 call with gabrielle a few months ago, and it was lovely to learn she is exactly as nice and down to earth as she comes across on the internet. [ps if you are into home renovation, her instagram is currently full of her family’s adventures renovating their centuries-old home in france and it is an absolute delight]

so many thoughts by elizabeth holmes. i can’t remember how i first stumbled across elizabeth holmes on instagram, but she quickly became one of my favorite follows. she uses her experience as a reporter and a former style journalist to unpack the styles of the british royal family, focusing primarily on kate middleton [and meghan markle when she was a senior working royal]. her newsletter allows her to do deeper dives on different topics related to the royal family, like her recent look at what will and kate could have done differently on their recent tour of the carribbean. she has a way of breaking everything down so that it is understandable while also allowing space for people to form their own opinions, which i always appreciate.

accept cookies by hrishikesh hirway. there is literally nothing this man cannot do. he is an incredible composer and producer, podcast host, musician and performer, and also apparently writer. his missives range in topic but are always somehow exactly what i need to read at any given time, and his tv and music recommendations have yet to steer me wrong.

these aren’t even all the ones to which i subscribe; they are simply the ones i enjoy best and rarely skip.

are you a newsletter reader? which ones are your favorites?


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