the year of smaller challenges.

as i mentioned in my outline of my goals for 2020, i want to challenge myself to a few month-long endeavors over the course of this year. i like pushing myself to do small things every day for a month, and it’s fun to see how it all works out by the end. i don’t know if i’ll manage one every month, depending on work and travel and general life things, but i am going to try my best to at least do six and then count any additional ones as icing on the cake.

i’m still playing around with what the challenges will be, but so far my options include:

  • no dr. pepper [going on right now, so there’s no backing out of this one]
  • no paying to eat out
  • one photo every day [that’s not one of the dogs]
  • post every day
  • vegetarian
  • no drinking
  • write a card every day to someone
  • no social media [instagram, facebook, twitter]
  • hit my step goal every day
  • no online shopping

that seems like a good place to start, and then we’ll see what happens. wish me luck, and check back to see how i’m doing!


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