what’s in store for 2022.

i intentionally waited to post this until i got to new york, because many of my goals for this year make more sense now that i am here. first and foremost my goal for this year is to get a job so that i can afford to continue living here, and below are the other things i would like to accomplish in 2022.

get out of the house. this sounds obvious, but i was a bit of a hermit for most of last year. part of it was needing to rest while rehabbing my feet and ankles, but a lot of it was being lazy and discontent. i had so many excuses for not leaving the house, and i don’t want to let myself fall into that habit again this year. i am so much happier when i am regularly getting fresh air, and i want to make sure i take advantage of living in a walkable city again.

go on at least 5 weekend road trips to new places. destinations will vary depending on time of year and cost and weather and the like, but one of the many reasons i was excited to move to new york is how accessible the region is. i want to get out of the city and explore as much as possible, and you better believe i already have an extensive list at the ready.

explore new neighborhoods in new york. one of the things i am most excited to do is get out and see as many of new york’s neighborhoods as possible. take a bus or train, get off at a random stop, and wander to my heart’s content. walk the length of manhattan. explore the many personalities of queens. stumble upon restaurants and bars and murals and shops. i’ve even started a new instagram account to document all of my new adventures, if you are interested in following along [i’ll still be sharing general life things on my regular account]. there are 59 neighborhoods across the five new york city boroughs, and i would like to see a good chunk of them this year.

begin learning spanish. i have been wanting to expand my language skills for a while now, and there’s no time like the present. i have no expectations of becoming fluent, but i would like to gain a working knowledge of spanish. i have been doing lessons on duolingo for the last month and will continue with them, but at some point i would love to land a job that would help pay for classes.

watch a non-english language movie each month. i realized recently that i miss watching non-english movies, so i’m going to make it a point to watch at least one each month this year. in january i had my annual rewatch of rang de basanti, and i am now looking forward to watching some that i’ve never seen.

take at least 3 train trips. are you sensing a theme of excitement and adventure? i love train travel and want to take advantage of how accessible it is here. i know i’ll take at least one train journey to baltimore in the fall for a hopkins field hockey game, but i also want to take an impromptu trip or two just because i can.

host at least 4 get togethers. i don’t know what these will look like in the immediate future, but i would like to host some get togethers this year. in my reading goals post i mentioned book swaps, but i would also like to have a board game night or a pot luck or even an outdoor picnic. mostly i want an opportunity to introduce my various new york friends to one another and to expand my own network of friends.

i think these will keep me busy this year, and i am excited to get out and explore.

what are your goals for this year?


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