2022 reading goals.

welcome to a new year of reading! i don’t anticipate getting near my 2021 total of 101 books this year, but also you never know what the year has in store. below are some of my focus areas for my reading this year along with some additional goals.

main focus areas. each year i pick a few categories or focus areas that i want to highlight in my reading, and for 2022 those are:

  • bipoc authors
  • nonfiction
  • books translated from other languages
  • books set in new york city
  • lgbtq+ authors and/or books that center lgbtq+ characters
  • works by authors with disabilities
  • books set primarily outside the united states

some books hit multiple focus areas which is great, but everything i read this year should *hopefully* fall into at least one category. i really enjoy how diverse this has made my reading the last few years, and i’m interested to see how that continues.

read 4 poetry collections. i’m not ready to make this its own category, but i want to read more poetry this year. i’ve already finished one poetry collection, and i think i will enjoy this goal.

host a book swap or two. years ago i hosted a book swap along with some friends — we each brought a book to trade and wrote a few lines about why we thought others would like it. it was a lot of fun to see what others swapped, and it’s a great way to get new reads without spending money. i would love to host a few of these after i move as a way to get book recommendations and possibly make some new friends while i’m at it.

read at least 3 books over 500 pages. some of my favorite books [shantaram, beach music, multiple harry potter books] have been over 500 pages, and i kind of miss getting lost in an epic story like that. there are a few longer ones that i’ve put off reading the last few years because i was intimidated by their length, so i am hoping by sharing it here i will be inspired to take that first step.

i might add to this list as the year progresses, but i think i’ll leave it here for now and see what happens.

happy reading!


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