on reading habits.

i’ve been thinking a lot about reading habits recently and how they can adapt and change over time. i have never known a time when i didn’t have a book in my hand, but over the years what i read and how often i read and all the rest has changed immensely.

as a kid i tore through the baby-sitters club and sweet valley series like it was my job. when my family would go to the mall of memphis my parents would drop me off at the b dalton booksellers [showing my age here] while they did their shopping, and when they or my brother would show back up an hour or two later, i would be in the exact spot where they had left me surrounded by a pile of books.

as i got older my interests shifted into mystery and romance, and i was strictly a fiction reader throughout high school and undergrad. books were my escape from schoolwork that didn’t interest me, so anything that didn’t resemble required reading was what i wanted. i once told a teacher i didn’t read what they had assigned and instead read my own book because the assigned reading was boring and not worth my time. i don’t remember what the book was at this point, but i stick by that — life is too short to read books that don’t interest you.

my interests have changed as i’ve moved and worked and gone to graduate school, and now my bookshelf is cluttered with fiction and nonfiction and authors of all gender identities and races and topics ranging from self-help to memoirs to anti-racism to history with that little bit of mystery and romance still thrown in for good measure.

these days i tend to have one fiction and one non-fiction read going simultaneously, but that also changes from week to week depending on my mood. sometimes i’m in the mood for something more serious, other times i want something lighter that i can finish in a few days, and still other times i ignore all my books in favor of my magazines. some days i don’t pick up anything to read until i’m in bed at night, and other days i’ll read for 4 or 5 hours if i’m especially caught up in a story.

every day my reading pattern changes, but the one constant is that i am always reading. it ranges from physical books to e-books to audio books [yes, i count it] to magazines to online articles and sometimes includes all of them in the same day. i know that my habits will continue to evolve as i continue to evolve, but no matter where i go i will have always have reading material in tow.

what are your reading habits?


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