finding new ways to connect.

one of my favorite things is when friends share the things that have struck a chord with them. whether it be books, articles, shows, movies, documentaries, podcasts, or recipes, i love listening to people talk about why something has resonated with them, and in turn i enjoy sharing myself.

i have been wanting to find a way to combine that with my love of connecting people, and thus was born cocktail chatter.

once a month, i host a virtual meeting with a random assortment of friends and we share the things we have been reading, watching, and listening to over the previous month, and it has the added benefit of allowing me the opportunity to connect my friends with one another regardless of where they are located.

we’ve had 2 meetings so far, and i love not only listening to what others say but also compiling all of our recommendations and sharing it back with the larger group. it’s been fun to have a project to work on while being unemployed, and i’ve gotten so excited as people have said they read or watched something because someone else from the group recommended it.

virtual meetings are still weird and a little awkward, but i’ve loved finding a new way to bring people together.


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