on solo living.

i think i mentioned it in passing on here, but jeremy and baxter moved out at the end of may and i have been solo living for the last month. after nearly two years and having made it through a pandemic together, it feels both liberating and eerie to have this space all to myself again.

yes i can listen to my music as loud as i want and can walk around without pants if i so desire, but also there’s no one around when i read a scary book late at night and suddenly become convinced there’s someone living in my attic and there’s no dog to greet me when i return home from the outside world.

in some ways i love the freedom of having no job and no roommate, and at other times the lack of structure means an entire day goes by without my being able to account for the hours. i have already reorganized the tupperware drawer and the cabinet that serves as my pantry. i’m working on making my way through my stack of magazines but keep getting distracted, so that one will take a little longer.

i have someone who is going to move in at the end of july and then will rent the whole house whenever i get a job and move. i’m glad to have the space to myself for a little longer, but i’m also looking forward to the company [and the rent].

so for the next month i will do all the things i can only do when i have the house to myself, and i will enjoy living like a college student for a little bit longer.


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