on my mind lately.

below are some of the things swirling around in my head that don’t necessarily need their own post so i’m doing a brain dump of all of it.

how do you google things? many years ago i read an article about the differences in search terms that men use as opposed to women, and it’s something that has stuck in my mind. i can’t find the exact article i read all those years ago [probably because my search is not specific enough], but here is a similar one; apart from the heteronormativity of only including men and women, i have noticed when my friends are searching for things they tend to fall into those prescribed gender roles. as always, my brother and i like to switch things up: i am all about the keywords, while he likes to type out full questions.

thoughts on wearing masks indoors. yes, i am pumped that the cdc said fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks inside. that’s amazing. my question, however, is how we know who is vaccinated and who is not. as someone who lives in a state with a lot of vaccine hesitancy but also a lot of mask hatred, i don’t know how to distinguish between vaccinated people and people who just don’t want to wear a mask. for the time being i am going to continue wearing my mask in indoor spaces while i see how things go. how about you?

kindness goes a long way. it always amazes me when i ask a security guard or a server or anyone i come across how they are doing and they tell me i’m the first person to ask them that. obviously we all have hard days and sometimes have to dig deep for those kind words, but they always leave a lasting impact.

what is something you wish you had known the last time you were looking for a job? it’s been 5 years since i last had to job hunt, and all of my job searches have admittedly been a little unconventional, so i am all ears for any advice you’d like to toss my way. tactics for searching, questions you wish you had asked, interview tips — i am here for all of it. and thank you in advance!

i think that’s all for now. i have a few longer posts i am working on that i’ll hopefully publish in the coming weeks.


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