marvelous memphis: salt | soy.

a few weeks ago lauren, jen, and i had dinner to celebrate my last day of work. i had been wanting to try salt | soy, the new restaurant on broad ave, ever since it opened, so that is where we decided to go.

even at 7.30 on a rainy tuesday night they were packed, and although i had made a reservation we still had to wait half an hour to be seated. because of the wait, we were offered an order of edamame on the house to thank us for our patience.

delicious dumplings and edamame. memphis, tennessee. may 2021.

once we sat we ordered a bottle of sparkling wine – we were celebrating, after all – and declared that we wanted one of everything on the menu. to keep ourselves in check, however, we settled on the chicken and dumpling gyoza to go along with our edamame. jen and i each ordered the noodle king ’77 ramen and we shared a tuna roll, and lauren had the spicy crab udon noodles.

highly recommend. memphis, tennessee. may 2021.

everything we had was delicious, and my ramen made for great leftovers the next day. and the prices were very reasonable — i definitely paid the least because of how we split things, but none of us felt like it was overpriced.

the real star of the show. memphis, tennessee. may 2021.

and above that, the service was fantastic. while we were waiting, multiple people checked on us and thanked us for being so nice about the wait. our server was very friendly and answered all of our questions thoroughly; i also appreciated that because he was wearing a mask he maintained very direct eye contact whenever he was talking to us. you know i love a combination of great food and great service, and salt | soy definitely has that going for them.

some pro tips:

  • they are located at: 2583 broad ave, 38112
  • make a reservation. again, we went at 7.30pm on a tuesday, and every table was occupied. their phone number is 901.207.1531, or you can book online on resy
  • i don’t think their website is active yet, so the best way to keep up with them is their facebook page
  • as of mid-april they were only doing dine-in and weren’t offering takeout yet; i assume since i was able to pack my ramen that’s not the case anymore, but it never hurts to ask
  • they are a new, popular restaurant. if you finish your meal and pay your tab and see that people are waiting to be seated, don’t linger. there was a table that was finished with their meal, had their takeout containers ready, and had paid their bill, who stayed the whole time we were waiting. in fact, they didn’t leave until 10 minutes after we had been seated. don’t be those people. [honestly this goes for all restaurants; not all people are patient and willing to wait and if they decide to walk you are preventing places from turning over tables and making money. restaurants are really struggling right now, and that doesn’t help]

i am beyond thrilled to have a good ramen option close by again, and i will be back.


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