the great harry potter re-read of 2020.

according to the large clock over the arrivals board, he had ten minutes left to get on the train to hogwarts and he had no idea how to do it; he was stranded in the middle of a station with a trunk he could hardly lift, a pocket full of wizard money, and a large owl.

yes, that’s right, i re-read the entire harry potter series this year. yes, again. i last did a full re-read in 2016, and i knew it was something i was going to want to do again a few years down the line. well, 2020 was that opportunity, and here are all my thoughts on how it went.

i read sorcerer’s stone in mid-february and followed it up with chamber of secrets in early march. both of those books go a little slower for me as i ease back into the series, but as it happened, in mid-march covid-19 was declared a global pandemic and our lives completely shifted. the move to working remotely and not having evening or weekend work or outside events meant i had a lot of extra time for reading. and what better way to escape reality than to lose yourself in the world of hogwarts for a little while. so that’s exactly what i did.

in the month of april i read the final five books in the series, speeding through them like i always do. for me, prisoner of azkaban is always the one that sucks me all the way in, and once i get to that point in the series it consumes my life until i get all the way through. i spent every available moment reading, and it was absolutely worth it.

each time i read the series different parts stick out to me. this time around i found myself getting choked up every time neville was around, especially when he did something good or was shyly proud of himself. and i got very sentimental in deathly hallows when kreacher recounted his story of how he got the locket.

there are definitely parts i like less than others, and i found a few plot inaccuracies that hadn’t stood out to me before, but even those cannot diminish my love for this series. as it always does, it teaches me about friendship, loyalty, kindness, navigating transitions, and standing up for what is right even when it’s hard or unpopular. and for this reminder from kingsley shacklebolt, as timely as ever:

we’re all humans, aren’t we? every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.


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