marvelous memphis: the harry potter symphony.

one of my favorite memories of 2018 was the night lauren, sam, curtis, and i saw harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone at the orpheum accompanied by the symphony. they project the movie onto the giant screen, and the symphony plays the score and background music throughout the night. it was super, super fun, and i was thrilled when i heard it was happening again this year with the second in the series, chamber of secrets.

2019-11-30 20.02.26
getting ready for harry potter. memphis, tennessee. november 2019.

this time laura and falls were interested, so when tickets went on sale back in may i went ahead and scooped up tickets for us to ensure we got good seats for the show.

since i was staying downtown with sol, i decided to grab dinner at south main sushi beforehand and then met laura and falls at the orpheum. i managed to get similar seats to what we had last year in the balcony, so we were as much in the center of the theatre as we could get. and from the opening bars of the intro music, we were hooked.

2019-11-30 21.41.54
harry potter with these loves. memphis, tennessee. november 2019.

i did the same thing as last year where i got so caught up in what was happening in the movie that i sometimes forgot to pay attention to the live music, but i was much better this year at catching myself. having the live symphony orchestra performing as the movie plays is such a fun experience, and i’m glad we were able to make it.

the contract includes the third movie – prisoner of azkaban – which is currently slated for 2020. that is both my favorite book and favorite movie of the series, so i cannot wait for that one to happen.


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