on writing.

i have been blogging for almost 9 years, which is wild to think about. i published my first blogspot post 9 years ago today on december 16, 2010, and while my consistency has come and gone over the years i have kept up with it far longer than i expected to all those years ago.

sometimes i like to fall into rabbit holes and read some of my older posts. it’s always interesting to go back 4, 7, 9 years ago and realize what was so important to me back then. some of my posts were only a few sentences. some were a lot of nonsense. and some were lengthier than i remember writing.

and also it’s fun to look back on some of the challenges i used to set for myself. i guess i’ve been a goal-oriented person a lot longer than i realized, and something about typing those goals up and sending them out into the world of the interwebs helps hold me moderately accountable. from daily photo challenges to daily blog posts to running roundups, i have adapted my style and my goals many times over the years.

one thing i’ve been having to remind myself recently is that writing doesn’t have to be a thing. sometimes i get so wrapped up in longer posts – like our budapest roundup from last year that clocked in at over 3,200 words – that i forget i can also write shorter ones just for fun. it always comes back to time — there’s not enough time, how will i find the time, writing takes so much time. but on the flipside, the more i write the more i have to think and write about.

so this is my challenge to myself and to this blog as we get ready for a new year: write more for fun.

that’s right. more posts about random things. less worry about views and likes and comments. more intentionality about the things i want to write about. it will usually come down to books, travel, food, and sports, just as it has for the past 9 years, and i am fine with that. because ultimately that’s who i am.

wish me luck.


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