a much-needed break.

i am heading out today for a much-needed and long-anticipated trip to london and barcelona. i am so excited to catch up with so many of my friends, to show jeremy around london, and for the two of us to experience barcelona together.

this trip came together kind of randomly, but it comes on the heels of a crazy november, and i am so ready to get away from the ups and downs and ins and outs of real life for a little while. ready to live a carefree existence and not have to think about jobs and bills and loans and relationships and all those other things that have had me down recently.

2019-09-08 16.17.26
roomies for life. seattle, washington. september 2019.

one of things i’m most excited about – other than seeing so many of my favorite people – is to also have a break from email and social media. i don’t know that i’ll do a full detox the way i did in portugal last year, but i know i’ll be keeping my phone and internet time minimal. one of my favorite feelings is changing my outgoing voicemail and setting my out-of-office reply and being able to switch both of those off for some time.

i wrote up quite a storm last month, so for the first time in a while i actually have posts – more than one! – queued up and ready to publish while i’m gone. somehow my being out of the country will be the most active this blog will have been all year, but if that statement doesn’t capture the essence of 2019 then i don’t know what will.

as we get further into the holiday season, i wish a wonderful few weeks for all of you.


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