49 of 52 / 2019: a christmas carol at theatre memphis.

every december theatre memphis does a production of a christmas carol, and this year jen asked lauren and i if we would like to accompany her to see it. we managed to get tickets for the opening night production, and after a decadent dinner at interim we settled in for a night at the theatre.

neither lauren nor i had seen a stage production of a christmas carol before, and i was very pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed it. the acting was great, the story flowed very well, and the special effects were spectacular.

we had such a fun night, and being there for opening night meant we got to partake in cookies afterward for the opening night reception.

2019-12-06 20.56.21
theatre gals. memphis, tennessee. december 2019.

there will be productions throughout the entire month leading up to christmas, and i definitely recommend checking it out!

other highlights included: give365 holiday happy hour / cynthia’s retirement party / mani-pedis with kache’ / st jude memphis marathon weekend / lots of catch up time with jane and chrystal / not one but two holiday pajama parties / packed for vacation!


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