best friends trip, a year later.

this time last year katie and i had just returned from our grand adventures with maggie in budapest, prague, and vienna, and as those pictures and memories have been scrolling across my feeds the last few weeks i have been reminiscing so much about that trip.

2018-11-11 16.03.11
walking up to st stephen’s. budapest, hungary. november 2018.

for one, it allowed all three of us to visit places we had not been to before. that was important to us, that we all get to experience new cities, and was difficult to accomplish because we have all traveled to different places. we were able to visit new sights together, try out new restaurants together, and get lost, together.

2018-11-15 13.16.32
stan, the ultimate tour guide. prague, czech republic. november 2018.

but also it gave us a chance to spend time together, just the three of us, in a way we hadn’t in years. i don’t know that we had managed veena-katie-maggie time just the three of us since we graduated in 2013, and it was so fun to have that time with one another. we stayed up late talking about books and movies and boys. we laughed over memories of grad school and cried when sharing difficult stories. we crafted a million inside jokes that will forever be meaningful for us.

2018-11-19 09.12.36-1
magical snow on our last day. vienna, austria. november 2018.

we learned when to take the lead in planning our day, and when to sit back and let someone else make a decision. we found a balance of planning things out and going with the flow. we ate and drank to our heart’s content and burned it all off because we averaged about 20,000 steps a day the entire trip.

some trips will live in your memory forever. istanbul / europe 2010 is one of those, and budapest / prague / vienna 2018 – better known as #budabesties2k18 – is another. i look forward to our next trip together and the next round of memories we will create.


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