veen on the road: a flying visit to little rock.

my beloved maggie recently moved back to new york from europe. i am overjoyed to have her stateside again, mostly so that i can call her at all hours of day or night to tell her every little thing happening in my life. i hadn’t seen her in almost a year – since our fabulous adventures in budapest, prague, and vienna with katie milligan – so when she mentioned she would be home in little rock for a week visiting family and friends, i immediately made plans to visit.

as luck would have it, i had a monday off because of working a saturday, so i took off for little rock on a sunday afternoon. maggie – and katie – had a clinton school alumni board meeting all day, and i coasted into the school parking lot at exactly 5pm to pick her up.

katie had some time before she needed to head back to memphis, and alex thomas also had some free time, so the four of us headed over to lost forty brewing to get a drink and some cheese dip and catch up. katie, maggie, and i reminded alex that we are his favorite alumni, and we regaled him with tales of our student days as well as our travels.

we bade farewell to katie and alex and made our way home to see maggie’s parents. the parents carroll unofficially adopted me while maggie and i were in school, feeding me and providing me shelter whenever i needed a little escape, and i love both of them dearly. i had missed mama tiziana on my last few visits, so it was great to see her and catch up on how she is doing.

while mama whipped up dinner, maggie and i watched some queer eye in japan, attempted a jigsaw puzzle [and failed quite dramatically, i might add], and chatted about various life things. we had a lovely dinner with mama and papa john, laughing and joking and enjoying one another’s company.

maggie and i had a lazy monday morning – i read while maggie applied to jobs – and then ventured out for a lovely lunch with corrinne at heights taco & tamale. i was so happy to introduce the two of them, and i was glad to check in on corrinne and see how she is doing. once we finished lunch i dropped maggie off and hit the road back to memphis.

i had not had an overnight out of town in two months, and it is amazing what a difference this 24-hour journey did for me. i needed some maggie-time very much, and it was great to get to see her parents as well. it was a great reminder that i need to make sure i get even that one night out of town every six weeks or so to keep me going.

2019-11-11 10.44.31
faves. little rock, arkansas. november 2019.


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