monthly recap | july 2019.

we made through summer conference! i have my life back!

2019-07-04 20.18.02-1
favorite sunset spot. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-04 20.19.48
so fun with these ladies. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-05 19.36.05 HDR
a rare one of dillard and me. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-05 19.55.40
love when she comes to visit. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-06 16.33.43
ready for her hula debut. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.

july highlights.

jane came to visit / 4th of july fireworks on mud island / uswnt won the world cup / riggs sleepovers / not one but two viewings of hamilton, including my final date night with lauren / wrapped up a successful summer

2019-07-10 17.12.42
mini-me. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-15 17.16.28
my sanity. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-13 13.37.03-1
in the room where it happens. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-20 17.58.35
triple the trouble. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-15 21.09.43
sweet solomon. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.

july books.

no hard feelings: the secret power of embracing emotions at work by liz fosslien and mollie west duffy. umm, this is one of the most important books i’ve read in a long, long time, and i am honestly still processing all of it. it covers a ton of topics, including being less passionate about your work and leaving emotions out of the hiring process. i have made so many notes about things i want to improve, both within myself and within my scope of work, and i am excited to put into practice the things i read. and as a bonus, there are pictures and charts and graphs and comics!

lock every door by riley sager. a repeat book of the month author for me, sager’s latest is a thriller set in a fictional manhattan apartment building. apartment-sitters go to live at the bartholomew with the promise of earning a handsome sum, but they mysteriously disappear with no trace. the latest sitter, jules, tries to get to the bottom of things and uncovers a century-old mystery surrounding the building. this was a fast read, as all of sager’s books are, but it wasn’t my favorite.

josh & hazel’s guide to not dating by christina lauren. i had a solo lunch break one day at work and downloaded this to keep me entertained; two-and-a-half days later i finished it. i related so strongly to hazel, with her lack of a filter and ability to trip over her feet twelve times a day, and as predictable as it was it was also highly entertaining.

love and other words by christina lauren. following my sprint through josh & hazel i downloaded another of christina lauren’s books. it was another fast read that only took me a few days, but i didn’t relate to it as strongly as i did the first one. i’m keeping a few of their other ones on the backburner for when i need another speed read.

2019-07-23 21.25.21
puzzle night. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-26 17.40.35
these two. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-27 13.59.59
dream team. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-27 14.00.39
my reflection. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-27 14.25.38
one of my favorites. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.

the best things i watched.

megan rapinoe’s speech at the us women’s parade in new york was the best.

had a date night with kaché and tree to see toy story 4, and it was so good.

hamilton. twice. it gets better each time i see it.

2019-07-27 19.59.59-1
pretending we’re fancy. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-27 23.23.06
making new friends. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-28 00.55.29
same same but different. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-30 13.55.28-1
two of the best. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.
2019-07-27 19.59.38
what a view. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.

the best things on the internet.

[this list is a little short this month. there was a lot happening]

tinder bios based on myers-briggs types. the enfp description is spot on.

one of the many reasons megan rapinoe is so great is because she is unapologetically herself.

this nike ad that aired after the women’s world cup final brought me to tears.


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