29 of 52 / 2019: a relaxing weekend.

this was my final weekend of summer conference, and i took it so easy.

friday night i watched tv and ate chinese leftovers on my futon. saturday i slept in, read a lot, went to lauren and sam’s farewell party for a few hours, and had dinner on the s.o.b. patio with jeremy, lauren, and sam. sunday i slept in again, went for a swim, and spent the rest of the day catching up on a few things around the house.

it’s rare i manage weekends this laidback, and it was exactly what i needed. there’s only one week of conference left, and i am ready for it.

2019-07-20 17.58.35
triple the trouble. memphis, tennessee. july 2019.

other highlights included: a monday night with solomon / 901fc match on wednesday / finished no hard feelings, one of the best books i’ve ever read / finally received my second piece from the young collectors contemporary


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