9 of 52 / 2019: seeing an old friend.

last week i traveled to dallas for a work conference, and on thursday i was able to use our afternoon break time to catch up natalie, one of my dearest friends from undergrad who i had not seen in far too long.

natalie is a pediatrician in dallas, where she lives with her husband, son, and daughter, and as luck would have it she is off on thursdays. after we wrapped up our afternoon panel, i hopped in a lyft and headed over to her house.

i was only there for a little over an hour, but i had the chance to catch up with natalie, build some castles with her kids, and finally meet her husband. nat is one of those friends i can not see for years but we are able to pick up where we left off, and this was no exception.

i was so, so happy to be able to spend some time with her, and i hope it’s not another 7 years before we manage another reunion.

other highlights included: wandering dallas with better block / bowling adventures with my coworkers / final cap presentation to girls inc / a weekend of doing absolutely nothing


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