weekly roundup 10 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

i honestly have no idea. i know i need to clean my house and do my laundry, but beyond that it’s a little hazy. there might be a meeting, there might be a hike, there might be a lazy sunday afternoon at a fancy hotel with a pool. the world is my oyster!

my favourite photo from the week:

colourful ride to work on thursday morning. bangalore, india. april 2015.
colourful ride to work on thursday morning. bangalore, india. april 2015.

fun things from around the interwebs:

i very nearly cried when i read this story about adam, a current patient at st jude, who is training for this year’s st jude memphis marathon weekend. it was a great reminder that i run for them, and it has also reminded me that it’s time to dust off my running shoes and hit the road. if he can run while undergoing treatment, i can handle a little heat.

this piece from brenna about the most over-used words in travel writing had me nodding my head in agreement through the whole thing. i follow a lot of travel bloggers, and i cringe whenever i read some of these exact words. well said.

for anyone who has ever split their time between two places, you will be able to relate to tim’s words about how goodbyes never get easier. i went through this myself as i was preparing to leave memphis last december, and i have to agree wholeheartedly: as much as i love bangalore and love my life here, it never gets easier to leave my friends and family when i’m setting off again.

margo’s list of ‘you know you’re in europe when…’ will crack you up.

the grizzlies’ own bongo lady made it into the new york times! she’s kind of the best.

what your email inbox says about you. i am a saver; how about you?

in case you missed it:

my review of stuart scott’s every day i fight.


2 thoughts on “weekly roundup 10 // 2015.

  1. Tim UrbanDuniya says:

    Awww thanks for the mention! It’s so hard to make the move from one city to another, and doing it over and over again can be very emotionally-wearing! And it’s certainly not that you are taking sides, but sometimes you just have to go. Thanks again 🙂


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