monthly recap: january 2019.

january seriously felt like it lasted forever, but it was a pretty good month overall so i won’t complain overly much about it. i am, however, very glad it is finally february.

2019-01-09 13.02.16
we are both glad to have our afternoon walks back. memphis, tennessee. january 2019.
2019-01-17 19.31.31
all shows should include pie. memphis, tennessee. january 2019.
2019-01-02 20.49.01
such a good read. memphis, tennessee. january 2019.

january highlights.

establishing a routine again // made it to a few grizzlies games // waitress at the orpheum // got invited to a conference in dallas at the end of february // long weekend road trip to chicago // working on taking care of myself

2019-01-18 20.21.49
road trip buddies. chicago, illinois. january 2019.
2019-01-19 10.26.19
some of us love the snow more than others. chicago, illinois. january 2019.

january books.

becoming by michelle obama. i was so excited to begin my year with michelle obama’s book, and it did not disappoint. it was real, it was honest, and it was exactly the book to kick off 2019. i could hear her voice in my head as i read along, and it made it such a pleasant experience. i love that i learned so much about both michelle and barack, and this book set a high bar for the rest of my reads this year.

among the ten thousand things by julia pierpont. i have had this sitting on my shelves for a while, and i finally decided to see what it was all about. it was a quick read, taking me less than a week to finish, and it started off strong but ultimately kind of faded as it went on. i was very interested in the first half to see how it would conclude, but then i found myself a little disappointed at the end. it wasn’t bad by any means, and pierpont is a good writer, but i don’t know that i would say it was necessarily good.

chemistry by weike wang. i picked this one up from square books last fall and cracked it open this month. it was a cute, quick read [i finished it in 4 days] about an eccentric phd candidate trying to figure out who she is and what she wants. i related to a lot of her anxieties, but a lot of the quick snippets about chemistry went straight over my head. this is a great vacation read if you’ve got some time on your hands.

currently reading: educated by tara westover. it’s really good so far!

2019-01-19 13.13.41
the coolest walgreens ever. chicago, illinois. january 2019.
2019-01-19 14.45.35
so, so good. chicago, illinois. january 2019.
2019-01-19 14.52.04
snowy streets. chicago, illinois. january 2019.

the best things i watched.

katelyn ohashi’s floor routine is mesmerizing.

netflix’s sex education. we started watching it in chicago, and i finished it shortly after returning home. it was fun while also tackling tough subjects, and i thought the acting was great. i am already looking forward to a second season.

the fifth season of grace and frankie. i love this show so much, and the new season did not disappoint. jane fonda and lily tomlin are so funny and so talented, and i love their friendship and their chemistry. i wish this show would last forever.

2019-01-20 21.21.51
so good we went back a second time. chicago, illinois. january 2019.
2019-01-21 09.27.35
i still dream of this biscuit. chicago, illinois. january 2019.
2019-01-26 12.45.27
the face that melts my heart. memphis, tennessee. january 2019.

the best things on the internet.

do you ever read or watch something and then can’t recall it a day or two later? apparently there’s a term for it: the forgetting curve.

new york city now offers a non-binary gender option for birth certificates.

the top 100 technological inventions of all time.

global cafe got a great write-up on npr!

the annual list of the ny times’ 52 places to visit in 2019. i love seeing hampi on the list, and i hope it manages to retain its charm.

the personality trait that makes you feel more comfortable around certain people.

i am all about this idea for a soup group.

this interview with russell hornsby about black masculinity.

i loved this insight into safomasi’s studio in delhi. i am slowly working my way up to having my home look like this.

portraits of all the women in congress who are helping redefine representation.

this very cool new york street photography.

really liked this piece on the intersection of female country singers and cooking.

this piece on pay transparency was very eye-opening.

obviously adding a visit to punjabi deli to my next visit to new york.

why bras are so expensive.

serena williams is the best.


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