2018 podcast update: the [nearly] everyday listens.

i figured i should kick off my massive 2018 podcast update with the ones i listen to [nearly] everyday. below are shows i listen to while getting ready in the morning and commuting to work, and they provide me with the top headlines of things happening in the world as well as some quick anecdotes and a little dash of humor.

the [nearly] everyday listens.

global news podcast. produced by the bbc and published twice daily, these 30-minute rundowns of world news help me stay on top of what is happening around the globe. i admittedly don’t listen to all of them, but i try my best to listen at least every other day.

retropod. these quick snippets from the washington post have been really interesting to listen to. i love the rundown on something interesting from history, and at 4-6 minutes each, they’re great to listen to while getting ready in the morning.

tedtalks daily. i can never get enough tedtalks in my life. i love having new episodes each day, and while i might skip a few or save them for later, i eventually listen to nearly all of them. i especially enjoy the range of topics, from having polite discourse with someone from a different background to how artificial intelligence will change our world in the next 5 years. it certainly doesn’t hurt that i emerge from each talk feeling a smidge smarter.

the daily. from the new york times, the daily provides a deep dive into one of the day’s biggest headlines. past topics have included coverage of brett kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and remembering hurricane harvey from last year. they’re concise and well-presented, and they are always interesting.

the daily show with trevor noah. this is one that i have recently added to my list, and i have enjoyed it thus far. i am a big fan of trevor noah, but i am generally in bed by the time his show airs, so having this quick recap in the morning has been fun, and i love the guests he has on. i am aware that it is edited down quite a bit, but it is so nice to begin my day with a laugh.

this day in history class. i am a huge fan of stuff you missed in history class, but often their weekly episodes are a little long for me, so this 5 minute recap of something that happened on this day in history has been great.

up first. you know i need a little npr in my day, and this 10- to 12-minute recap of the day’s news has become my go-to. it is often what i listen to on my way to work in the morning, and i arrive at the office able to talk to my coworkers about things happening in the world.

do you listen to any of these? which is your favorite?


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