what i’m listening to 2018 // a long overdue podcast update.

every so often i like to do a roundup of all the podcasts i am currently listening to. i have been putting off this update because my podcast list grows ever-longer without an end in sight, and it was a little too daunting to put this together. i know i listen to too many, and i shudder to think how many hours i spend with people talking in my ears, but there are so many options out there and each one is better than the next.

to make this update a little bit easier, i’ve done my best to split my list into categories and will post a new category every few weeks. as i do so i’ll try my best to link back on this original post so that it’s all curated somewhere. below are the categories i very arbitrarily made up and will almost definitely change before it is all said and done.

the [nearly] everyday listens. the ones i listen to on an almost-daily basis.

the intersectionality of politics and pop culture. the ones that combine a thing i love and a thing i want to learn more about.

the guilty pleasures. the ones that are just straight up fun.

the true crimes … aka feeding my inner investigative journalist. the ones that speak to the part of me that still thinks she could be a behavioral analyst for the fbi.

the limited series. the ones that are purposely around only for a season or two.

the ones i listen to intermittently. the ones i enjoy from time-to-time, depending on time and topic.

the mainstays. the ones that have been on my list for years and that are long-time favorites.

the educational ones. the ones that make me feel marginally smarter.

the others. the ones that don’t fall into any of the other categories.

i’m not yet sure in what order i will actually publish these, so it will have to be a surprise for all of us.

what are you listening to these days?


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