link roundup: august 2018.

a few years ago i used to post a weekly roundup of some of my favorite links from around the web. it was a collection that ranged from the humorous to the serious to bragging on my friends when they did something cool, and i really enjoyed cultivating that list each week.

my weekly roundups sadly fell by the wayside when i returned to the states and started working here full-time, as i simply did not have the time to keep up with it. i still like to share, however, so i am compromising and putting together a monthly link roundup instead. here is the first.

we are unstoppable.

jesmyn ward on why she moved back home to mississippi.

what my race taught me about travel.

how to spend 36 hours in chattanooga. i miss that city.

did this small-town couple steal a de kooning painting 30 years ago? i am so fascinated by this story and anxiously await someone turning it into a podcast.

these photos of abandoned russia are stunning.

personal plug — my awesome college roomigo, emily walker koelsch, has started her own blog, the once and future conversationalist, and it is pretty awesome. you should definitely check it out and follow and encourage, because she is the coolest.

we don’t deserve beyoncé.

jakarta is sinking at an alarming rate.

easter island is soon going to limit visitors in an attempt to balance tourism and preservation.

become your own role model.

how crazy rich asians is going to change hollywood.


4 thoughts on “link roundup: august 2018.

  1. Mostafizur Rahman says:

    Hi, I read your link roundup and I must say please keep continue. I really happy to read 36 hours in Chattanooga. It’s awesome. I am also written some content for Thailand Travellers. It will help the people to get info about Thailand Visa. If you published it in your next roundup then I will be happy.


  2. Ruma Dey Baidya says:

    “Hey VEENA!

    I was browsing your blog after finding it on Google. I love what you’re posting—especially your round-up on travel.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and wanted to reach out to see if I could be included in your next feature?

    I regularly write about travel over on If you see anything that might be a fit, feel free to include it.


    Ruma Dey Baidya


    1. veena says:

      Hi Ruma, thank you so much for your comment! I will definitely begin reading your posts and will share anything I think others will find interesting. Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂


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