new month. new routines.

after a whirlwind of a summer, i am very much looking forward to laying low and reestablishing some routines for myself. the 65-hour weeks and lack of sleep drained me by the end, and i need to get myself back into a rhythm, so for the next few months i am focusing on the following:

fitness. two months of cafeteria food and no exercise took its toll, and i am ready to get back into the swing of things. i’m starting out slow with the goal of running 2 days a week and doing some sort of other workout once a week. once i get my body used to this sort of use again i will ramp it up, but i’m keeping my expectations low in the beginning.

food. while it was great to have my meals covered for the last two months, it also means i have forgotten what it’s like to have to feed myself. i want to be better about making two or three different things over the weekend that i can eat for both lunch and dinner, but that also means i have to be intentional about planning ahead.

finances. the summer was great for saving money, and i want to keep that going into the fall. there are so many events and festivals coming up, and i have trips to the west coast, to baltimore, and to new york on the horizon, so i am remaining aware of my spending habits and trying my best to save up for a few trips i want to take after the holidays.

friends and family. my hectic summer schedule meant i neglected a lot of my friends. i missed birthday celebrations and random dinners and phone calls because i was either at work or too exhausted. i also didn’t see as much of my parents as i would have liked, so hopefully those random weekday lunches can commence once again.

feeling good. the spring was a tough time for me personally, and the summer was crazy professionally, so i am looking to really take care of myself these next few month. i want to eat well, work out, get a lot of rest, and generally practice a lot of self-care.

i did not intend for the alliteration to happen, but once it got going there was no way i could stop it. it’s going to take me some time to reestablish all of my routines, but i am looking forward to the challenge.


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