35before35: the 2017 update.

it is now officially less than 12 months until i turn 35! as we hit the home stretch, it is time to check in and see how i am doing with accomplishing the 35 things i set out to do before i turn 35.

so far this year i have managed to cross off 3 things from the list, and i know i will get at least 3 more before the end of the year [elvis week; broadway show; pacific coast highway]. it is going to be an uphill battle to get to all 35, but i am looking forward to seeing how things play out over the next year.

  1. go to a packers game at lambeau field.
  2. visit one new country each year. [sri lanka in 2015; malaysia + cambodia in 2016]
  3. be vegetarian for one month. [in retrospect i probably should have done this while i still lived in india, but i’m still going to keep it on here for the time being]
  4. complete the st jude half marathon.
  5. see a show on broadway. [happening in october!]
  6. participate in elvis week festivities. [one month to go!]
  7. read a book that intimidates me.
  8. treat myself to a proper spa day.
  9. ride the elevator to the top of the bass pro pyramid.
  10. take a spontaneous trip.
  11. try at least 2 new foods.
  12. learn to [properly] drive a stick shift.
  13. visit a new place in india[pondicherry + mussoorie]
  14. drive along the scottish, welsh, and / or irish coastlines.
  15. take a cross-country train journey.
  16. spend an entire weekend watching the star wars, indiana jones, and the godfather trilogies.
  17. see a lifelong favorite in concert.
  18. go unplugged and off the grid for one week.
  19. take a cooking class.
  20. go on a blind date.
  21. publish a piece of writing.
  22. pay for a stranger’s meal.
  23. drive the pacific coast highway. [august road trip with my parents!]
  24. take a new-to-me fitness class.
  25. cross the 1,000-mile mark on the nike+ running app. [currently at 752.1 miles and counting]
  26. host a fancy dinner party / murder mystery party.
  27. see a ballet.
  28. join an adult sports team.
  29. go ice skating at rockefeller center.

i am a little disappointed that i will not get to a new country this year, but i managed two last year and am working on a trip for early january that would get me at least one, if not more, so i’m going to say that one will even itself out.

do you have any suggestions for things i should add to my list? i still have some spots to fill!


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