reading roundup // june 2017

my reading took a deep nosedive in june, just as i knew it would. working 60+ hours a week has left me with very little brainpower or willpower to read when i get home, so there is not much to share from this month.

high noon by nora roberts. i allow myself a guilty pleasure read every once in a while, and i usually turn to nora roberts in those times. this story, about a hostage negotiator in savannah, wasn’t one of my favorites of hers, but it was fast and it didn’t require a lot of thought on my part. it did, however, rekindle my interest in visiting savannah, so i guess there’s that // 2 stars

dear mr henshaw by beverly cleary. in the last few years i have been re-reading some childhood classics, or – as was the case with this one – reading them for the first time.  dear mr henshaw was often listed as a favorite amongst elementary school students when i was growing up, and although it wasn’t quite what i expected it was still interesting. and it made me remember how much i love sending and receiving letters, so maybe that’s something i should begin doing again // 3 stars

currently reading: honestly? at the moment, nothing. this might be the longest i’ve gone without even carrying a book with me, but i’ll get back on that reading train once summer conferences are over.


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