india travels: what i packed for pondicherry.

for this month’s quick getaway to pondicherry, i travelled as lightly as possible. being that pondicherry is a coastal town that sees a lot of tourist traffic, most people there don’t pay much attention to how others are dressed. and since we didn’t visit any religious sites, there was no need to worry about staying covered or anything of the sort.

here’s what i carried with me —

the clothes:

3 old navy relaxed fit t-shirts; 1 t-shirt for sleeping

1 pair of shorts for walking around; 1 pair of shorts for lounging and sleeping

2 dresses for dinners

1 t-shirt; 1 pair of loose cotton trousers; 1 shawl [for travelling]

1 swimsuit; 1 coverup

undergarments for 3 days

the shoes:

1 pair of rainbow flip flops; 1 pair of sandals for the evenings

the gear:

my trusty deuter 35+10 rucksack; pacsafe citysafe ls400 bag; small crossbody handbag

bag for storing dirty laundry


phone; kindle paperwhite; nikon d3100 + 18-55mm lens; phone charger


two paperbacks [slightly too ambitious, but better safe than sorry]

assorted toiletries; one pair of earrings; extra hair bands and pins; wet ones; eye drops

phase 10 card deck

things i left at home:

point-and-shoot camera [since cindy had hers]; extra chargers; laptop!

what are your must-haves for a trip? i am never without reading material, my camera, and a deck of cards to pass the time!


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