weekly roundup 12 // 2016.

this weekend i am:

enjoying a staycation at the oberoi! it’s a long weekend for holi and easter, so i figured i would spend it in the pool and luxuriating in some air conditioning, and my father very graciously offered to foot the bill. i cannot wait. easter lunch in chamarajpet. oh, and sunday is another kitsch mandi, so i am heading there to pick up some goodies.

2016-03-23 22.08.13
kicking off my four-day weekend with colouring and cricket. bangalore, india. march 2016.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

the cast of hamilton visited the white house last week, reminding all of us why it is important to teach the arts in schools.

and speaking of lin-manuel miranda, he and emma watson just freestyled about gender equality, and it was awesome.

i somehow only recently learned of pat conroy’s passing and am now reminiscing about all of his books. beach music remains one of my top 10 reads of all time, and i have a feeling i’ll be revisiting it just as soon as i can get my hands on a copy.

fighting child marriage with photography. great story.

why those long distance friendships are valuable.

cinderella stories, in business and in the ncaa.

meeting one of elvis’ first friends. i guess i’m just going to have to go stalking in tupelo this summer.

a beautiful photo essay about life in cuba.

expedia has teamed up with st jude to provide virtual reality travel experiences for patients. be sure you watch this one with some tissues handy. so many feels.

the fabulous jodi on why you should not let fear stop you from travelling. she says everything i want to say and more, and i cannot agree with her enough.

the case for using podcasts in class.

you can now stream ghostwriter on youtube! weekend made. thanks to julie for the heads up!

2016-03-20 20.20.08
sri lanka v west indies well underway. bangalore, india. march 2016.

in case you missed it:

my thoughts on fates and furies.


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