loving lately: february 2016.

it’s been a while since i did a quick recap of things that have been making me happy, so here is your february 2016 version.

freshmenu. now that i am working from home most days, i am trying to be better about what i eat for lunch. if i let myself, i’ll get into a rut of sandwiches or unhealthy tinyowl orders, so freshmenu is helping me out with that. their menu changes daily, and their options are homemade and much healthier than what i normally go for. i have tried a few different things and have enjoyed each and every one so far, and a few have even lasted me for two meals. yay for good, healthy food delivered right to my doorstep!

born to run. there will be a full review of christopher mcdougall’s book up next week, but there really are not enough good things i can say about it. it is interesting and well-written, and i have learned a lot about the science of running and how our bodies have been designed. i keep saying that it has broken into my top 10-15 books of all time, and that is no exaggeration. it’s fantastic.

sabudana khichdi. it is safe to say that i am obsessed with this maharashtrian dish. deboo made it for me – twice! – while i was in bombay this month, and it is so yummy. it has zero nutritional value, but it’s very tasty, and i cannot wait to make some for myself in the near future.

trip planning. i am heading to pondicherry at the beginning of march and am figuring out where and when i will be meeting alex during his southeast asian adventure later in the spring. i am always happiest when i am planning my next getaway, and this is no exception. longer term i am trying to figure out the feasibility of a visit to leh and srinagar before i head back state-side later this year.

aziz ansari. i have been a fan of ansari’s from the first time i saw him on parks & rec, and my love for him only grew after watching master of none. he is a great personality, and as a child of indian immigrants myself, i can relate to so many of his jokes. i scored the kindle version of his book modern romance for $4 last fall and am getting ready to get started with it, and i have also been watching random clips of his old stand-up on youtube. he’s a man of many talents, and he will continue to be one of my favourites for many years to come.

what are you loving right now?


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