india travels: a work trip to bombay.

at the beginning of february i shifted roles within zaya, moving from implementation to a business development and alliances role. because this is a new area for me, i made a trip to bombay for 10 days for training and meetings and managed to get in some quality time with various friends in the process.

now that priyanka and deboo are married and settled into their house in lokhandwala, i had a home to stay in rather than a hotel, which was so nice. i woke up to friendly faces, went for a run next to the mangroves [said in a super deep voice, because it’s funny], and came back to delicious homemade food. the topic of my moving in with them permanently and becoming the breadwinner in the house came up frequently, with no small measure of seriousness. they’re kind of the best.

while i was in town we made a visit to janata and toto’s, spent some time with deboo’s grandmother, had dinner with his parents at cafe haqq se, stopped by gokul, and spent a lazy saturday afternoon playing cards against humanity. in between all of that i managed to meet radhika for a delicious dinner at gajalee and got to spend an evening catching up with bharati. various other friends joined for various outings, and as per usual i survived on very little sleep and a lot of chai. that’s the bombay way, and i wouldn’t change a thing.

bombay, you will forever be the city of my childhood dreams.


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