rediscovering my love for harry potter.

toward the end of last year a realization struck me: i have not read the harry potter series in its entirety since the seventh and final book, harry potter and the deathly hallows, was released in 2007*. now, this might not seem like a big deal to most people, but as a huge fan of the book and movie franchise, it made me sit up and take notice.

for many years i was re-reading the series on an annual or bi-annual basis. every time a new book was scheduled for release, i would prepare by reading all the previous books. and whenever a new movie version was coming out, i would re-read that book to remind myself of what all i had to look forward to. so as you can see, not reading the books in such a long time came as quite a shock to me.

once i realized how long it had been, i knew 2016 would be the year i went back to hogwarts. in my list of goals for the year, i stated that i wanted to go back to year one and re-live those years i spent engrossed in the lives of harry, ron, hermione, and all the other students, faculty, and staff of the magical school. i wanted to follow the quidditch matches, warn harry of potential villains, hang out with fred and george weasley, ride broomsticks, and travel on the hogwarts express.

a few weeks ago i began at the beginning, falling in love all over again with harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. now, i am meeting gilderoy lockhart and learning parseltongue in harry potter and the chamber of secrets. i read as i have time, so there are days when i read five chapters and others when i read none, but generally i am picking it up whenever i have an extra ten minutes in my day.

but no matter how long it is for, every day i get to re-experience hogwarts is a magical day in my books.

have you ever re-read a beloved series? which is your favourite to return to year after year?


*i re-read half-blood prince before the movie came out in 2009, and i re-read deathly hallows before seeing both parts of the final movie, but it’s been nearly 9 years since i read the series in its entirety from the beginning.

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