looking back at 2015.

well, 2015 certainly threw me some curveballs. my year did not quite turn out the way i thought it would, but i learned a lot from those setbacks and hope that i can use them to move forward. but before we head into 2016, i’d like to look back on the year that was and see how well i accomplished the goals i set for myself at the beginning of the year.


ringing in the new year in bombay. moving back to bangalore and starting a new job. finding a house and slowly turning it into a home. visits from my father in march and from the entire family in august. two weeks in bombay for work and for play. a return to coorg. balaji got married. a weeklong holiday in sri lanka. a new friendsgiving tradition. priyanka and deboo got married. seeing the sights in calcutta. hosting a christmas potluck. returning home for the holidays.


the relationship that ended, once and for all. the weird virus i came down with in september that left me with severe joint pain for months and still has me walking funny.

crossing off my goals:

establish a regular fitness routine. eh. i did pretty well with this for a few months, but it wasn’t consistent. in may and june i was pretty good about getting up early two or three days a week and either going for a short run or doing a workout at home, but once july rolled around and my hours changed, so did my workouts — getting home and having dinner at 9pm was not conducive to 6am wakeup calls. i tried to get back into it after balaji’s wedding in august, and then of course i managed to come down with whatever that virus was that prevented me from walking like a normal person and left me with pretty bad joint pain. i finally realized that getting up early and working out during the week is not an option, so i try to do something on the weekends — i don’t have to get up as early, and i always have the option of taking a nap in the afternoon. it’s going to be a long time before i’m back to where i was, but i’ll get there eventually.

send one handwritten note per week. i began the year by writing one postcard a week, but i never actually sent any of them. there wasn’t a convenient post office in hyderabad, and then i discovered touchnote, the app that allows me to send postcards using photos from the camera roll on my phone. i have always wanted to be able to do that, because i think it makes the postcards more unique, and it was so much more convenient to type a message and know the postcard would get printed, stamped, and mailed for me. so while i didn’t send any handwritten cards, i did send a lot of postcards. we’ll call this a draw.

visit somewhere new in india. i spent two months at the beginning of the year in hyderabad for work, marking my first visit to the city. i was busy with work while i was there, and it’s not the easiest city to get around, but i did manage a visit to the salar jung museum, which i highly recommend, along with the chowmahallah palace.

do more for others. i realize i don’t really have a barometer for measuring this, so i don’t know how i did with it. i moved to hyderabad for two months because we needed another sim there, so i guess that counts. but then once i had my own house, i mostly hibernated on the weekends and kept to myself. note to self: make more concrete, measurable goals for next year.

explore bangalore and be active in the city. i’d say i did fairly well with this. i certainly tried a lot of new restaurants and visited a number of new bars, but i didn’t get as culturally immersed in the city as i would have liked. once i’m back in january i want to do more museum and park visits and plays at ranga shankara in addition to the pubs and restaurants.

save money. check. it helped that my mother took pity on me and bought me furniture when she visited in august, so that was an expense i didn’t have to bear, but otherwise i was still able to save a bit. i definitely spent more than i would have liked, but now that i have my bank accounts set up and have a better handle of how much i actually have, my savings will – hopefully – continue to grow.

find a work-life balance. eh. i struggled a lot with this one. i had a pretty good balance for a few months, but after july my hours changed a lot which then effected this. i still try to maintain a policy of having “off duty” time, but it’s difficult, especially when you work for a startup. i’m hoping that the new year will bring a few changes so that i can continue working on this balance.

read 15 books for fun. done and done. in the end i clocked in 27 books for fun, which i am pretty proud of. long bus rides certainly helped my cause, as did my two months in hyderabad, a weekend getaway to coorg, and my week in sri lanka. i somehow still have a full shelf of books to be read, so i’ve got my work cut out for me. and another self-imposed ban on buying any new books.

learn a new skill. again, i think this is something i need to be a little more specific with, because i can’t think of any new skill i learned. i’m going to need to rethink this one.

buy a record player. i think we all know the answer to this one. i have started looking at a few on amazon, so i am looking to get this taken care of around february once i’ve got a little more money in the bank and have done a bit more research. i’ll keep you all posted.

overall i didn’t do as well with my goals in 2015 as i did the previous year, but i’m going to chalk that up to a lot of instability and feelings of being unsettled.

how was your year? anything particularly exciting or frustrating? tell me about it!


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