weekly roundup 39 // 2015.

this weekend i am:

cleaning and organizing my house, getting ready for next week’s trip to kolkata, and watching national lampoon’s christmas vacation [it’s an annual sunday-after-thanksgiving tradition].

2015-11-20 17.11.20
the sunsets have been pretty on point recently. bangalore, india. november 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

an in-depth look at the work the malala fund is doing to promote girls’ access to education around the world. it’s a long read but very much worth it. they’re doing great work, and i may or may not have found a new dream organization to work for one day…

the harry potter audiobooks are now available on audible! i am still waiting for the stephen fry versions to become available as well, but it’s a start.

amazon’s new show the man in the white castle imagines what the world would look like if germany had won world war ii. i will definitely be checking it out soon.

art promoting peace.

i’m currently reading maya angelou’s i know why the caged bird sings, and i keep reciting over and over in my head her poem phenomenal woman. it is one i hold close to my heart, and it’s a powerful piece of writing.

58 benefits of being single during the holiday season. i will be embracing all of these this year. bring on the cookie dough, sweatpants, and netflix marathons.

truckers against trafficking trains truck drivers to be on the lookout for suspected trafficking activity and the proper ways to report it. this is awesome.

dan and audrey went on an amazing puglia road trip, and now i am itching to get back to that beautiful region.

magnus wennman shares photographs of where syrian refugee children are sleeping.

a bacon-jalapeno grilled cheese with waffles made of tater tots. i am drooling right now.

adorable photos of president obama with small children.

adele, jennifer lawrence, and emma stone had dinner together in nyc. talk about #squadgoals.

google “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and watch what happens. this makes me ridiculously happy.

a st jude survivor who has returned to the hospital as a doctor. cue the waterworks.

sportscenter featured arkansas’ dre greenlaw this week, and it’s a great watch. you know, in case the st jude video didn’t make you cry enough. tough times don’t last. tough people do.

have you guys seen the video of adele singing hello while jimmy fallon and the roots play classroom instruments? it’s kind of brilliant. but i think my favourite is still idina menzel and let it go.

101 gift ideas for the frequent traveller or nomad in your life. i particularly love this 4,000-piece world map jigsaw puzzle.

2015-11-26 22.42.48-2
thanksgiving family. bangalore, india. november 2015.

in case you missed it:

that time i made thanksgiving dinner all by myself.

happy belated thanksgiving, and happy holidays!


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