weekly roundup 38 // 2015.

only two weeks to kolkata, and four weeks to memphis!

this weekend i am:

attending a social enterprise summit on saturday and – weather permitting – walking in the bangalore pride parade on sunday. i’m excited for a busy but fun weekend.

2015-11-16 12.37.09-2
rainy days + dug-up streets = a muddy mess on the way to work. bangalore, india. november 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

st jude recently interviewed my college friend lori about her life after childhood cancer. she is a rockstar, and i definitely spent most of the 5-minute video with tears streaming down my cheeks.

and while we’re on the subject of st jude, how do you feel about making a donation to my st jude heroes page? every dollar counts, and for every donation of $25 and above, i’ll throw in an additional $5. plus you’ll get photos from my makeshift 5k in kolkata. thank you!

anthony bourdain eats at waffle house for the first time. and now i am craving those pecan waffles and hashbrowns.

have any of you ever heard of rancho obi-wan? i would love to take my brother one day.

a lovely story about the amazing rice terraces in the yunnan province of china. i love the line, “a true image is made with your heart, not your camera.”

this artist’s favourite subject is hillary clinton.

have any of you heard of the legatum foundation? i just read a few of their stories on maptia and am very intrigued by the different projects they are running.

just watched this talk by charles leadbeater about education and loved it. you have to engage people first before you can teach them.

41 ways to give back this holiday season that don’t involve just writing a check.

these dutch police officers are kind of the best.

audrey’s post about things to do in bruges has me dreaming of a european holiday next spring.

tina fey + amy poehler are hosting snl on december 19th! coincidentally, that is the day i arrive back in the states for christmas. i guess i know how i’ll be spending my saturday night.

john lennon’s imagine as a comic. brilliant.

2015-11-17 20.22.05
inside the fatty bao. bangalore, india. november 2015.

in case you missed it:

my final sri lanka post on expectations v experience.

are you doing anything fun this weekend?


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