weekly roundup 28 // 2015.

my favourite photo from this week:

street art in front of max mueller bhavan. bangalore, india. september 2015.
street art in front of max mueller bhavan. bangalore, india. september 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

a look at how parents can encourage and support their children from the sidelines rather than critique. we had some crazy parents when i was growing up, and one father was even kicked out of a basketball game because he threw a water bottle at a referee. does this happen in other countries, or is it a phenomenon unique to the states?

a student from baylor just won a microgrant to renovate part of carver community center to create a library for the students who spend time there. well done, joe!

life lessons from coach taylor. it’s an old article, but it never goes out of date.

the meaning of serena williams. i have changed my opinion of serena so many times over the years, but there is no doubting that she is by far the most dominant woman in tennis and has overcome a number of obstacles to get there. and you can better bet i’ll be rooting for her in this year’s us open.

an excerpt from donna karan’s upcoming memoir. sounds like it could be quite an interesting read.

the best emoji to describe every state. i laughed out loud at utah’s.

have you guys heard about the pavement bookworm in johannesburg? he sounds like the coolest.

a father and son are creating an amazing food-filled map of the united states. it’s fantastic and also makes me ridiculously hungry.

caricatures of today’s world by steve cutts. they’re sad because they’re true.

a pre-school inside a nursing home. how have we never thought of this before?

girls don’t sit on the bench. word.

this family certainly has a unique travel style. what do you think of it? i still have mixed opinions.

some of the world’s loneliest lighthouses. i don’t know about you, but i am fascinated by lighthouses and never turn down an opportunity to visit one if i have the chance.

have you heard about the proms, a month-long daily concert series in london that starts soon? sign me up!

tracey and her family continue to inspire me. her daughters have made it their goal to raise over $2000 to buy a wheelchair for a girl in an orphanage in south america. they’ve raised just over $800 so far, but any extra money will go directly to the orphanage for their regular operating costs. it’s wonderful to see children who are so passionate about helping others, and i love the analogy about planting watermelon seeds and seeing how they grow. well done, carisch girls!

zaya got some great mentions in the press this week! here are the articles on nextbillion and brainfeed magazine.

in case you missed it:

my favourite momos in bangalore.


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