loving lately: july 2015 edition.

i know i share links each friday during my weekly roundup posts, but today i wanted to share a few other things that have been catching my eye lately.

inc. i started following them on twitter early in the year and loved most of the articles and links they posted. i began listening to their podcast a few months ago and love their chats about things that are happening in the tech and startup world. and i especially love that their articles and podcasts are easy enough for someone like me, with my very limited tech experience, to understand and follow along with.

snapseed. i discovered google’s snapseed earlier this year and having been loving using it to edit my photos. i found myself getting really bored with instagram’s filters and noticed i was using the same three over and over, so being introduced to snapseed was a game-changer. i still don’t know what a lot of the photography terms mean, but it makes my phone pictures prettier.

colorfy. just last week i mentioned that i wanted a colouring book for adults, and then over the weekend i stumbled upon this amazing app. it’s a colouring book for adults on my phone, and it is amazing. i can choose from floral designs to “oriental” [which looks more like mehendi] to mandalas, and it has already provided me with a few hours of solid entertainment.

tinyowl. finally tinyowl has come to bangalore, and it has totally changed my food-ordering game. i was getting more and more frustrated with foodpanda, but now i no longer have to worry. tinyowl makes ordering so much easier, there are more restaurant options available, the minimum order amounts are often less than they are on foodpanda, and they send a message as soon as the timer runs out to ask if i’ve received my food yet. so far i have been very happy with tinyowl, and my stove-less existence has become much easier.

tripadvisor. i have been a fan of tripadvisor for years, but now that i am planning a few upcoming trips – sri lanka in september and calcutta / darjeeling / sikkim in december – i am using it more than ever. not to mention that it has come in handy when researching things to do right here in bangalore. i have been working a lot of saturdays recently and so have become a little less adventurous, but i am bookmarking a lot of things to check out once my weekend work schedule lightens in the coming months. and yes, most of it revolves around food.

what other cool things am i missing out on?


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