weekly roundup 21 // 2015.

weekend outlook:

hanging out with bipin and akanksha. researching some fun things to do in bangalore these next few months. maybe plotting some long weekend adventures for september / october. and hopefully spending lots of quality time with the third-born now that she has returned from her european adventure. good thing i have one whole day off during the week!

my favourite photo from the week:

finally found proper mexican food in india! bangalore, india. july 2015.
finally found proper mexican food in india! bangalore, india. july 2015.

interesting things from around the interwebs:

atlas obscura made a short video about the khasi tribes of cherrapunji and their living root bridges. makes me want to go back!

during home renovations, a family in israel discovered ancient ruins under their floorboards which turned out to be the remains of a jewish bath, dating back probably to the first century bce. how awesome is that? makes me want to go digging around to see what i might unearth.

craig brewer’s new film, marc gasol of memphis, is the best thing i will see all year. barcelona born, memphis made.

i’ve been following caroline calloway’s instagram blog for a few years, and it is one of the accounts i love most. her captions are witty and heartfelt, and the fairytale setting of cambridge university certainly helps matters. i’ve loved the amount of press she’s been receiving this year, and i can’t wait to see what kind of out-of-the-box book she comes up with.

MARC GASOL IS STAYING IN MEMPHIS. glory glory hallelujah, ilovememphis, choose901, and all those other celebratory terms. i told you july was going to be an awesome month.

to celebrate its 20th anniversary, amazon is having “prime day” on july 15th. i don’t know what all it entails at the moment, but i’m pretty excited. my parents are coming in august, so i think this will be the perfect time to order some goodies for myself.

great read on the lack of women in educational leadership and why it matters. did you know that more than 75% of public school teachers are female, but only 30% of administrators are. that’s a staggering statistic, and one that needs to change. fast.

instead of reading books, a mother and her son watch a ted talk before bed each night. how very interesting.

how donald trump sees the world. made me laugh out loud.

a really cool video showing how michael gallagher restored a centuries-old painting.

who were you in a past life as based on your memories? i was apparently a warrior. i like to claim i was a spartan warrior, so this fits in with that theory pretty nicely.

in case you missed it:

reminiscing about my days in winston-salem: time spent at the reynolda house, at the old salem living history museum, and at the new winston museum. i highly recommend all three if you are ever in town.


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