what i’m listening to: my favourite podcasts, updated.

back in february i wrote a lengthy post about the podcasts i most enjoy listening to. and now, a mere four months later, i find that my list is rotating once again. while many of my regulars remain in play, i do have a few new favourites that i would like to quickly mention.

inc. uncensored. in the last few months i have become pretty obsessed with inc., and their podcast just increases my love for them. in a weekly podcast that lasts between 20-30 minutes, the inc staff discuss some of the new things happening in the world of technology and startups, but they discuss them in a way that everyone can understand. they keep their jargon to a minimum, and when it is absolutely necessary to use it, they give an explanation of what they are talking about. it’s been pretty fascinating to listen to.

death, sex, and money. in this podcast, anna sale discusses the topics that no one else wants to talk about. the broadcasts are both funny and thoughtful, and they’re a great listen while i’m getting ready and commuting for work. and with an every-other-week release, i’m not constantly feeling like i’m falling behind in listening. this one comes highly recommended.

99% invisible. i came across roman mars’ ted talk about city flags last month and decided to check out his podcast. it’s all about the design and architecture in our everyday lives, and it’s pretty interesting. i will admit i don’t always listen to every episode, but i have thoroughly enjoyed the ones that i have listened to.

the mortified podcast. adults read excerpts from the journals and diaries they kept as adolescents, and it is just as funny as it sounds. this one makes me laugh out loud and is great on days when i need a little pick-me-up. i think i find it especially hilarious because many of the people sharing their stories are around my age, so i can relate to some of the overarching themes that come up.

hot takedown. a sports podcast from nate silver’s fivethirtyeight. it gives a great rundown of what’s happening in the sports world while also discussing statistics and probability. most of the numbers go over my head, but it’s still a nice way to get some more sports knowledge in my life. the best was a few weeks ago when nate debated with a 12-year-old [emily bazelon’s son] about what constitutes a “dynasty” in sports.

the dinner party download. this has quickly become one of my favourites. it’s a weekly hour-long podcast, but it goes by so quickly that you don’t even realize it’s been an hour. it includes conversations on all sorts of topics, from food to culture to books, that you can use to jump-start conversations at parties you may be hosting or attending. and each week there are different guests ranging from actors to musicians to authors. it’s a great listen.

snap judgment. maggie suggested this one to me, and i am slowly getting into it. it’s very interesting, but it’s a longer listen so i usually have to listen to each episode in installments. host glynn washington covers a wide variety of topics, and he is a great host. for some of the episodes i have listened all the way through just because of him.

the memory palace. this is a new one that i just subscribed to this week, so i’ve not had a chance to really explore it yet. but it sounds intriguing! and it’s only once-a-month, so i don’t have to worry about falling behind or having too many episodes build up in my library.

time’s the brief. time’s daily podcast about the 12 things people need to know about things happening around the world. it’s a great way to get a small snippet of all the major headlines, and at around 25-30 minutes per episode, it’s pretty easy to fit it into my day. ps — you can also get these headlines in your email inbox each morning, which i do as well, but i like the podcast because it forces me to listen to the news stories i might skip based on their headlines.

storycorps. i admittedly don’t listen to every episode, but i always keep storycorps on my podcast list for when i’m in the mood for it. the stories that are shared run the gamut from funny to serious to heartbreaking to uplifting, and they make for a great listen. and i love that each episode is short — they’re so easy to listen to whenever i’ve got even just 10 minutes. fun fact: storycorps actually has its own app these days. i really need to download it soon.

the lowe post. i have a confession to make: i have a bit of a crush on zach lowe, one of the staff writers from grantland. he’s such a cute little sports nerd, and i love his articles. i heard him a few times when he sat in with bill simmons on the bs report [rip], and his voice just made me love him even more. and then my brother had to go and tell me that lowe has his own podcast during the nba season. and i was doomed from the very beginning. even though he doesn’t talk about the grizzlies as much as i would like or think he should [but then again, no one does], his podcast is nevertheless worth a listen for any basketball fans out there. he knows his stuff, and he’s pretty objective when it comes to his discussions, which i appreciate. but for these summer months when there is no basketball, i mourn the loss of his voice in my life.

and in case you need any more suggestions, some of the ted staff recently published their 45 favourite podcasts to get you started. check it out and see if any of their favourites float your boat.

any other great ones i should add to the rotation? i’m always curious to check out some new ones!


4 thoughts on “what i’m listening to: my favourite podcasts, updated.

      1. vikramrangaswami1204 says:

        Yeah I hear ya, I guess that’s why it’s the only podcast I end up listening to even though I got tons of others downloaded and I am always a week or so behind, like right now I am listening to hour 3 from 8/14. But that may have something to do with my travels abroad. Haha.


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