bangalore drinks: whiskey + small plates at the black rabbit.

a few weeks ago appachu and i planned to meet up for drinks, and we were struggling with where to go. we wanted somewhere we could chill out and catch up, and we wanted to try a new place where neither of us had gone before. there are lots of new-to-us places all over the city, but somehow when it comes time to finally pick a place, we tend to end up at the same few places. and then finally appachu remembered the black rabbit, so we decided to give it a try.

interior of the black rabbit. bangalore, india. june 2015.
interior of the black rabbit. bangalore, india. june 2015.

the black rabbit is bang on 100 feet road in indiranagar in the heart of the “hip” part of town, and it caters to many different tastes. there is a great outdoor space where you can enjoy the lovely weather without being drowned out by the incessant traffic. there is indoor seating with great wooden tables and high ceilings, perfect for a long meal with good friends. and upstairs there is a bar and a dance floor, for those who want to dance the night away. and somehow all three of these manage to co-exist in this one space.

i had called early in the day to book a table, but the hostess told me that they do not take reservations on the weekends. as such, we decided to meet at 8pm to hopefully beat the rush. we got lucky and snagged the last open table on the patio; although neither of us smokes [and both of us kind of hate it], the weather was too great to sit inside. luckily our table was the first one by the entrance, and it somehow didn’t feel smoky since we were outside.

we decided it was a whiskey kind of night, and after some disappointment that there was no jameson, i opted for a jim beam while appachu decided on black and white. after our first round we declared that it was time for snacks and asked for a food menu. the menu is extensive, but since we only wanted something to snack on we refused to even let ourselves look at all the extra options. besides, the list of small plates was long enough.

we ultimately settled on the bacon cheese bombs, and they were just as delicious as the name leads you to believe. after some time we added crumb fried onion rings and crispy sesame chicken, and both were very tasty. the chicken was tossed in a “tennessee mayonnaise”, and although i’m still not sure what was so “tennessee” about it, it was pretty yummy.

met appachu for drinks last weekend. we're pretty proud that we can finally afford to buy our own drinks. bangalore, india. june 2015.
met appachu for drinks last weekend. we’re pretty proud that we can finally afford to buy our own drinks. bangalore, india. june 2015.

all told we were there for a little over two hours, and we had a pretty good time. i really like the place, and i would like to return and try a few more things from the menu. i was pretty overwhelmed with all the choices, so i need to make sure i’m good and hungry on my next visit.

the details:

location: 770, 12th main road. 100 feet road, indiranagar. bangalore.

landmark: next to the body shop at the sony signal.

serves non-veg: yes.

serves drinks: yes. full bar available and what looked like some great wine choices.

wifi available? yes. it was password protected, however, so i didn’t get a chance to check it out.

what we ordered: 60ml black and white x 3; 60ml jim beam x 3 [drinks]. bacon and cheese bombs; crumb fried onion rings; crispy sesame chicken [small plates].

our bill: appachu stole it and paid before i could see it, so i have absolutely no idea.

my zomato rating: 4.5 out of 5 // average rating is 4.1

to keep in mind: reservations are recommended during the week, but they don’t accept them on the weekends — get there before 8pm, especially if you want a table on the patio.

will i go back? for sure.

have any of you been to the black rabbit? what was your favourite thing on the menu?


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