weekly roundup 07 // 2015.

my favourite photo from this week:

roadside flower stall. bangalore, india. april 2015.
roadside flower stall. bangalore, india. april 2015.

some fun things from around the interwebs:

order a st jude t-shirt from the choose901 shop — a portion of the proceeds go directly to the hospital! i ordered one in kelly green and can’t wait for my parents to bring it when they visit.

jodi looks back at 7 years of life on the road.

reality have just published a definitive guide to riding the local trains in mumbai on their blog. check it out for tips — and some great pictures. can’t wait to ride them again in may!

if you are planning a trip to india and feeling a little overwhelmed, ashley has collated a great list of resources for everything from packing to eating to staying safe and healthy. definitely check it out.

some notes on cup of jo about living alone. this is perfect timing as i prepare to move fully into my new house – tomorrow! – and live alone for the first time in my life. wish me luck.

in case you missed it:

my musings on taking cabs in bangalore.


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