veen on the road: a day in and around beacon.

thanks to a shockingly unscheduled long weekend and friends who are always game for an adventure, i spent a lovely day in and around beacon, ny, this past saturday. we had very delicious bagels at blazing bagels in newburgh, went for a lovely hike in madam brett park, spent some time in the delightful denning’s point distillery [and picked up a bottle of their bourbon!], and wrapped it up with a walk through the town of beacon and a hearty dinner at the yankee clipper diner before driving back home.

all told we were only gone about 10 hours, but even that short break from the city was incredibly restorative. it was a beautiful day spent with great company and served as a good reminder that i need to get out of town every so often.

shout out to maggie, gina, and matt for being great adventure buddies [and especially to maggie for driving the return leg :)] — i can’t wait to do it again.


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