nyc adventure day.

last friday i treated myself to a “happy 1 year in nyc” adventure day. i took the day off work, made a list of a few places i wanted to see, and set out for the day. in the end i clocked over 15,000 and traversed parts of chelsea, chinatown, little italy, the lower east side, nolita, washington square park, and union square. i visited a museum, ran a few errands, perused some bookstores, and wrapped it all up with a best friend dinner to celebrate the year. it was very windy and cold, but the sun was shining and i had a fabulous day.

when it was all said and done i had visited:

  • poster house — to see the air-india advertising exhibit
  • yu & me books
  • sweet pickle books — they sell both books and pickles!
  • mcnally jackson prince st
  • rei
  • housing works bookstore
  • washington square park
  • fleet feet
  • barnes & noble union square
  • gupshup — because they have both old monk and thums up and what’s more celebratory than that?
  • old town

here are some photos, if you’d like to see!

here’s to celebrating milestones both big and small.


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