changing things up a bit.

if you read my monthly recaps, you will have noticed they have become quite long and unwieldy. what began as a way for me to share books and links evolved over the years to also include tv shows, movies, podcast episodes, recipes, and purchases and became a lot to wrangle into one post and deviated from my original intent for this blog.

so i’m making a small change. i am migrating the recommendations into a substack newsletter and am refocusing this site on life updates, goals, travels, and the like. i’ll still share some things here — mostly books — but otherwise the rest will live on the new platform.

this is something i have been thinking about for a while, so i figured the beginning of a new year was as good a time as any to do it. my goal is to do a biweekly update so that they’re a bit more easily digestible, but for the first few months i’ll be testing out a few different formats to see what i like best.

so if you really enjoy those recommendations, go ahead and subscribe on substack so you can get those updates in real time. and thank you as always for joining me on this journey.


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