veen on the road: a buda besties reunion in bentonville.

ever since katie moved to bentonville – a year ago! – maggie and i have been trying to figure out a time to visit her together. maggie has seen katie a few times when she’s been in fayetteville, but i hadn’t seen her since her move. after a few failed attempts we finally managed a reunion a few weekends ago, which worked out well since it was also the 10-year anniversary of when we first met and became best friends.

it was a very low-key weekend, and it was exactly what we needed. we ate, we drank, we laughed, we had lunch at an airfield, maggie and i went to crystal bridges, we wandered the square, we said hi to the penguins, we caught up with mark, we watched tv, we played with maple, we watched tiktok videos, and we plotted future trips so that we can be together again as soon as possible.

i’ll write more about crystal bridges soon, and possibly about a few of the other places we went, but this post is less about what we did and more so an appreciation for a weekend with friends who know me inside and out and who love me and push me to be the best version of myself and who are always there when i need them and who are the best travel partners and whom i love very much. i am incredibly lucky to have them.

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