november 2020: the month of no drinking.

i skipped a monthlong challenge in october but got back to it for november: a month of no alcohol.

i am not a heavy drinker, and i mostly only have a drink or two in social settings, but i wanted to go a full month with no drinks. i knew it would save me a little money, i knew i would sleep better, and i had a feeling it would clear up my skin a little. plus i was adding mileage to my training runs for the st jude 5k and 10k, and my energy would be better if i didn’t have alcohol in my system.

i will admit that i poured myself one small celebratory drink on november 7 to sip on while i listened to kamala harris and joe biden deliver their speeches after the associated press called the election for them. but outside of that, i didn’t drink anything other than water and a few dr peppers for the month.

celebrating. memphis, tennessee. november 2020.

and honestly, it wasn’t hard. i don’t really have anything to drink at my house right now anyway, and i never had a craving for anything stronger than water [after all, hydration is sexy]. and i definitely feel much healthier when i’m not drinking.

i won’t go so far as to say i’m never going to drink again, but i do think this will mark the beginning of me cutting my alcohol consumption by a lot. i’m a social drinker anyway, and there won’t be a lot of opportunities for that over the winter, so that kind of automatically cuts down on how much i’ll likely be drinking in the coming months.

as of this moment i am still thinking on if i want to do a challenge for december. stay tuned to see what i decide.


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