september 2020: the month of posting every day.

it’s been a while – 9 years, actually – since i last attempted to publish a blog post every day for a month. and honestly, september 2011 kind of happened by fluke; i had just started grad school and was back in the states for the first time in 4 years and apparently had a lot to say about all of it. i only realized nearly halfway into the month that i was on track for a post a day and so then made it happen. this year i decided to do it intentionally.

and it was a lot tougher than i expected it to be.

yes, i’m mostly confined to my house and have lots of time to write. but because i am not traveling or doing a whole lot right now, i don’t have that much to talk about. it’s a catch-22 for sure.

luckily i had some posts that had been in draft mode for months, like my 40before40 update and my ode to my cotopaxi travel pack, and this was great incentive to finally get those finished and published. and then maggie gave me the great idea to do weekly “ask veena things” posts; what i lacked in quantity of questions i made up in quality and really enjoyed answering those.

but it took some thought to fill an entire month. i have gotten so used to long posts on here that it took some time to work my brain back around to shorter ones, and even still those were few and far between. it was fun to think of different things, but i’m pretty tapped out at this point. october is always busy so i’ll have a few things to talk about, but the content well is running pretty dry right now.

it was nice to sit down and write everyday. i hadn’t done that since last november’s nanowrimo, and it did feel good to stretch my brain again. i won’t do a daily post attempt again for a while, but i’m hoping for a dedicated time each day to at least sit down and write. it always makes me feel better.

i am still deciding what i want my october challenge to be, so be on the lookout for that soon.

but first, i’m taking a little break.


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